Friday, December 7

The long awaited holiday

During this school holiday, I think I have manage to meet all the important people in my life. Except a few. Just wait because you are all in the list. It just that I have to be in lots of places. So, your time will come. 

I had finally catch up with Nana and Roja. It was due. So, what we did was find a place to munch and talk. Like really talk. We didn't even finish the yummy cheesy pizza. Just  talk. I miss so much news about them that it hurts.  You get the idea. 

I went to Baah's big night and day. She looked gorgeous in white and pink dress. I got to catch up with Izzah, but not too long. I didn't really got a chance to have heart to heart. Or share stories. Lols. 

Of course, I met Mard and K.A and Bayah. It was nice reminiscing about the younger time. Then again, I met Bayah too often already.

I also spent quality time with my mama. In faraway land. Shopping. Awesome, I tell you~

Now, there are a few more on my list~

HR just gotta keep up with me.

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holistic roar said...

Keeping up with you is my new favourite holiday routine,