Monday, December 23

Penang Escapade

As one of my closest friends was getting hitched, me and HR drove all the way to Penang. It was one of our short getaway as a couple as well.

As we drove by the Penang town, we saw a herd of huge cows hanging by road. Totally chilling nearby a small field and an automatic car wash shop. 

I said to HR, maybe they were waiting for their turn to wash themselves at the shop. Which we laughed it off.

On serious note, I asked HR where's the owner? Aren't they a bit curious or worried? Like totally town area.

HR joked, the owner was living in one of the condos nearby. Watching from windows afar. Come sunset he will ring the bell and the herd of cows will return to the condos.


Just chilling by the road, bro!

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