Monday, December 16

I should be thankful?

We got a new bibik. An old one.
As usual, we had a lot of miscommunication.

For example, when mama reminded her to wipe everything with wet cloth, she said she was gonna wipe all the screens (computers, tv, laptops) with 'Koran'. Her words. I was dumbfounded.

Until my mama explained, 'Koran' is newspapers. 


The other day, my mama asked her to weed out the semak samun in front.
What she did was the lawn with the 'rumput carpet' which we all bought and planted.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

I told HR this. His response: 

"Oh, really? Nasib baik dia tak cabut rumput plastik (tiruan) tepi kolam tu. Lagilah sengal kan?"

Ha? What rumput plastik tepi kolam?

 There, the grass beside the reflexology thingie.

Slap forehead.

I married that guy.

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