Monday, December 16

Everyone can grow older, not many really want to grow up.

The Husband, HR, officially turns 26 recently.

I had to really scratch my brain to find the perfect gift to him. I already gave him all the brilliant useful gifts throughout our relationship. So hard to top myself after being lovey-dovey for so long. I am too awesome. It wouldn't be that difficult if I had all the money in the world. Lol. 

Since I couldn't really afford to buy iPhone 5S that I originally wanted to buy for him, I had to improvise. (I hate it when he glued his face to the gadgets, still I want to buy him more gadgets. Such mix signals I'm giving.)

After a while, I decided to give him 26 small tokens of turning 26.

And I concluded it would be awesome to do a treasure hunt. 

But I couldn't really hide 26 stuff in my parents' house. NOT MANY PLACES that HR is familiar with. Plus, there's too many hands that are very diligent in cleaning the house, they might just throw and ask aloud about the clues hidden.  

I chose 8 gifts with 8 places to hide for him to hunt. 8 because he is born on 8 December. (Even 12 for December is too much for me to take on. Lazy-arse).

It's not a plus side on my part since I decided this at the very last minute. Very last minute. And HR was constantly in the house. By my side. 

The smart me thought to do everything by coupons. Since I had no time and no privacy.

I made coupon for all the tokens I wanted to give him. Which he had redeemed mostly. 

He didn't suspect a thing, being clueless as he is. Which made everything a blast!

I wish as he turns 26 he will be more alert and present. 

Happy Birthday, darling!

p/s: He had to help me to buy the ingredients and also bake the cake since I forgot to bring mixer. He had to be the mixer machine for me.

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Husband Rocker said...

Thank you for the memory. I love you endlessly.