Tuesday, December 31

Big Bad Wolf

Since the earliest relationship I knew that me and HR have different preferences in music, movies and books. We fought about it sometimes like he kept insisting me to like Will Ferrell and I had to justify a gazillion time to him why Peeta Mallark is way, way, way better than the other guy (The Hunger Games). 

He would tolerate my quirk of must-park-at-the-nearest-mall-entrance while I always remember where he put all his stuff, including where he park the car when in mall. 

While I let him have one room for his fanboyism and loud music (read: guitar stuff), he always amuses me with his rendition of Yuna and Back Street Boys. He would let me have Jacob Black as wallpaper while I tolerate his comics' heroes.

Since, one of his birthday coupons is books from BBW sale, we went there. 

As I learned my lesson, (to only buy books that I truly read not because of it's so cheap, we must buy so that I'll read it someday attitude; 'someday' never arrives), I focus on finding Suzanne Collin's writing and maybe Dorothy Koomson if any. 

As expected, once we entered the BBW (after I memorized where we park our car), we went our separate ways. Me in the fiction section while HR was lost in the comics and music sections. We crossed path several times. 

You would think I mind, shopping together but not truly together. 

I don't honestly.

But knowing HR's unconditional love towards me, he actually did try to find The Hunger Games books collection for me (which had sold out on the preview day itself, blergh!) first. He tried high and low, even asking the shop assistant.

That's why I wouldn't mind the difference much. We complete each other. 

p/s: I bet you remember all the tales I told you about his fondness to walk. Walk. Walk.   

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