Monday, September 8

pilot episode

i mean seriously, finally im here. in blogspot. not that i really wannabe here (hope fatin is happy with the blog), but friendster's blog has changed, been upgraded. i dun quite understand how to use it anymore. so i move myself to blogspot.
so if u noticed, the blog heading is no longer any biji benih, but it's about food. CUPCAKE~
see, i have grow up. but instead of being more mature, i become more happy and accepting. now, i like to bake and cook.
the title of this post is pilot, like any new tv series would start. oh yes, im a tv series freak. and im always hot for the bad guys. or the not so main character of the tv series.
i guess that's all for the beginning.



mardotti zaaba said...

uh oh uh oh! i was part of this establishment. hoiyeah2! still, i like keledek better.i love u bebeh

Anonymous said...
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Fatin Nordin said...

oh yeah oh yea.
aku mmg berinfluence.
hehe so is this abt food now?
yeay..nmpknyer bji benih mmg dh dwase.hehe.
p/s:ko bsing ritu ak ade word verification,ble ko nk buang la.leceh la.

mardotti zaaba said...

bapak tak tahan weh gmbar header ko tu. dahla jubor naga.tukar2. kecikkan ke