Thursday, September 18


here i thought i grown more mature, more wise. then i realize, i have not. i am still the same silly me who got jealous over the stupidest things, yell over the smallest matters, cry at the sweetest moment in a movie and laugh over the crappiest jokes.
i still cant decide where i stand over many issues. still cant manage my time wisely and try to steal every second to do nothing. i still dont care about the issues that supposedly matter to the world. still like hogging the phone for a long long time. still likes to flirt around and try my best to impress THE MAN.
wish that i can be more firm, more convincing. stop day dreaming about the unbelievable dreams. read more books. be more intellectual. discuss stuff that matter to the world. see more colours in everything around me. and stop missing what i might have become and cherish what i am now.



unknown said...

To exist is to change,
to change is to mature,
to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly..

hehe. dnt think bout it too much dear.. smua org time dy len2. hehe. i dnt think im matured enough, well not at the level that i think i should. haha.

well. the day will cm.. hehe..

till then.. enjoy the life.. :)

Fatin Nordin said...

r u not matured?
ok je ak tgk hehe