Monday, September 15

Ramadan and Syawal

Everyone is writing about Ramadan, I think I should too. (semak je nak tiru orang!)
My fasting so far is full, (no cuti yet) and I am loving it. Terawikh on the other hand, is one big black hole for me.

Still, the month is bless and I am feeling lucky.

Fasting in New Zealand is different from Malaysia. This time, I cook my own food unlike before, I usually bought them. No family big berbuka dishes, just great friends and house mates.

I love that I am able to fulfill all of my desire dish;
  • kuih seri muka
  • kuih keria
  • bihun hailam
  • nasi lemak
  • chicken chop
I am looking forward for Syawal. Then I can bake cookies and cakes.


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