Sunday, December 7

cupcake comel

last nite, me and my two brothers make cupcakes. superdelicious. we play around decorating with the icing. (masing2 nak hias letak nama awek)

having them around is a blast. ada je lawak2 sengal. but the BESTest part is U R their sister and you can bullied them around by asking them to do lotsa stuff including carrying et moi shopping bag.

mom is sick a few days earlier. too cold even in summer. the boys run happily without any sweater on their back while my mom is dress like a winter altogether with a sarung tangan. ciyyan die.

oh, i have a busy day and night entertaining them.
and i love every second of it


Fatin Nordin said...

eceh tulis nme awek
nnt ko pn lyan ak wat cupcakes eh eh

iXa said...

wah makcik siti dan adik2 berada di NZ keeeeeee... nak kirim Tshirt hardrockkkkkkkk!

mumu maira said...

fam dtg...
nk cpcke jgk.. huhu