Saturday, December 27

maternal instinct

As I recall, since I've been in NZ, I haven't touch a baby once, as in there are no babies around to squeeze out their cuteness or just to hold. There are no one close enough to me with babies. My point here is, I miss babies. Not mine. Just babies, in general.

I used to hate babies when I was teenager. I admit they are adorable but I am not the type who would hold them and play peek-a-boo like any other girls that would just drop everything when encountered with babies.

There are many cute babies in NZ. They are super cuter as they have blonder hair and bluer or greener eyes compared to Malaysian babies. Still, I cant just simply touch 'em.

OK, that's is just an intro to my entry

Being a mother is not easy. From the pregnancy to giving birth to breastfeeding to raising the child. This is just based on observation and not experience. But mothers go through this difficult and painful phases just for their child.

One of many mother's wishes is to see their child grow up healthily and they NEVER ever want to go through the process of burying their own child before them. No mother ever wish this for anyone.

All I am trying to say, it is painful to see your child going through pain and soreness and they would do everything in their power to prevent that. They would nag, nag and continue nagging just to remind you of the DO and DON'T in one's life.

That is just maternal instinct.


Unknown said...

eh, kamu bukan teenager lagi kah?? dah masuk dalam golongan elderly ya. kui kui kui. byk ke shopping semalam cik dzeti??

alfina said...

to HR:
iiyyah, masuk tahun 2009 aku bakal cecah 22. takkan nak ngaku teenagers lagi kot. jgan perli2 aku, ko pun sama, dah tua. jgan buat tak sedar diri.
btw, tak shopping pun. tak menariklah~