Sunday, December 28


Meet Mr. Pisang.
My very own GREEN doggie.

He is adorable.
He never talks back.
He is cute.

He is hugable.

He is loyal.
He stays in the hole with me.
He is shy.

I know that I vowed to myself never to buy anymore soft toys. Coz I am no longer a kiddie. Plus, I have tons of them back at home. But, when I saw him in the Warehouse, he was screaming my name wanting to go home with me. And I couldn't resist him.

Next thing I know I am hugging him in my room.

I dont know if he is coming back with me to Malaysia or not. But I do hope he will.

p/s: I am amazed with people that can play boomerang. It so cool to be able to make that thing come back to you and catch it.


mardotti zaaba said...

hi mr pisang! i made the same oath, that i will nvr buy plushies or teddies anymore, esp since i'm not home, but i guess, these things are just irresistible la kan? i like mr pisang. he stands out kot. with the colour

Loving Life said...

wargh!! tu duvet cover barukah? aku baru beli kat farmers, hahahah!!

Anonymous said...

I think I got a pic or your mr. pisang on a bike. Let see if i can find it eh..

alfina said...

dyau, saya mau itu gamba