Saturday, December 13

I want to talk about books

There are just a few books that I love reading over and over again and never ever got bored by them. Books that will still make me laugh or cry even for the fifth or more time I read it. It's just simply too mesmerizing. This kinda books I would treasure and never let go.

It is always the storyline that touch my heart. Sometimes, a few lines of the books are enough to win my heart. There are times when I would even memorize the lines, if it's so sweet.

The books is just so sweet.

I even forced HR to read this book as I love it so much

There are, of course, books that people like and recommended to me that just do not appeal me at all. I never seems to like the books that others might think so sweet and great. I know we all have different definition of sweet and what we like.


Anonymous said...

rekemen kat aku satu


Fatin Nordin said...

i never got to read my best friend's girl tu