Tuesday, December 23

no more goodbyes

Just today, i sent my family to the airport. They are on going back to Malaysia after spending 24 days with me in New Zealand.

That's two goodbyes for my loved ones within 6 weeks. That's more than anyone can handle.
It is tiring forcing tears to stop streaming down from my precious eyes.

Handling the emotion was never easy for me. Before I sent the rental car, I stopped at Foodtown buying lotsa comfort food and unnecessary stuff. That includes pastries, chocolates, magazines and milk. After that, went to JB Hifi, bought myself my favourite sitcom 'The Nanny' season 2.

Reached home, looking at the human-empty house, the tears starting to flow again. Ate laksa that mama cooked for me. Then, I saw the asam pedas and sambal ikan bilis that mama cooked also especially for me, the tears just flow as freely.

The only thing that I can think of at that time is to hurt my other body part so that my heart wont ache as much. At least I feel other pain. Not emotional pain. Stupid idea, I know. So the heart continue aching


iXa said...

u know u'll be home someday.

be strong, as u always are.

hijrah said...

hurting yourself will only make it worse, boss. i know you're strong enough to get over this. =)

kadang-kadang. perpisahan itu diperlukan untuk menunjukkan betapa sayang kita kat seseorang. dan kadang-kadang, the good thing about perpisahan ialah kita can look back at the fond memories, and then look forward till the time we'll see them again.

senyum lebar-lebar. because you always make me smile.