Sunday, May 31

Princess Wishes

A girl deserves to dream, don't they? Some of my personal dreams were accomplished this year. Which keeps me awake at night reminiscing them. Some remain a wishful thinking. I am happy with that. I have something to look foward to.

I went to see a circus last March. In Takapuna, place of beautiful beaches. It was absolute fun, doing it with an absolute fun guy. The show was fantastic. Leaving me in AWWWW jaw for a long long time. Their stunts were endearing and some even made my heart stop beating. I always dream of going to circus, ever since I was little girl. I even put it in my new year resolution, read here .

In that resolution, I also wanted to go to a fun fair where a guy could win me teddy. HR did, not a huge one, a small tiny puppy. That was enough. We also took a ride in Ferris Wheel, Bumper Car and some other dizzying ride. I can cross that wish now.

Another little girl's dream that I been wanting to see is Disney on Ice. Which I did. Last Thursday. It was what a girl could dream of. Life of fairy tales. Where's there is evil queen, hot prince and fierce dragon spitting fire. The place was full with kids in princess outfit. The women sitting beside us even jokes and ask, "Where's the kid?". It was two bird in one stone since the Disney on Ice was staged at Vector Arena . That place is one of the places to cross over 'been there'.

I may never bought Nintendo Wii anytime soon (from the list). But I am going to Aussie this winter. YaY!! Oh, I am leaving HR behind. Double YaY!! For being single. I hope I can go on rides in Brisbane and do some serious gossiping in Sydney.


Fatin Nordin said...

ak nk tgk disney on ice tu, tp tgk2 tket ade kt chch je, welly xde. sdih

alfina said...

oh man.

dat is sad.

sad sad sad.

Cikgu Puaka said...

zeti kejam i wanna see disney on ice too. tp xpe, we can do some serious gossiping nanti! cant wait cant wait

lovemenot said...

haha..sure ka double yaay for leaving Hisyam?hurmm...jgn nant kt airport,teriak2