Thursday, May 14

muvee time

I am a sucker for Gambit. Always had been. My toon time when I was a little girl was spent adoring him and his skills. Oh, Gambit! How sexxay.

my hero

My frustration of X-Men Movies without Gambit comes to an end with the X-Men Origins: Wolverine. In that movie, Gambit will be there with his cards. Unfortunately, he only appears 10% of the whole movie time. Sucker~

Oh, that movie so lame. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone to watch. It is full with all the cliches that you can think of in any superhero movie. Moreover, my Gambit doesn't one bit look like the Gambit that I've been drooling for. Demmit.

One movie that I would recommend to everyone to watch is Star Trek. I never watch or known any of the plot or characters. I never even like that kinda movie (read: I hate movie that involves things that are hideous). But I love it. Everything about it.

Oh that movie is so good that I cried like hell for the first scene. HR said, "La, tajuk movie tak kuar lagi dah nanges. Dahsyat." Deym, so touching.

The graphic or whatever is superb. The actors and actress are fantastic. Plot of the story is understandable for person like me. What else you need?? The battleships are sexxay also.

p/s: HR is still laughing at my inability to do the ever famous Spock hand sign.

dzeti's cool factor decreasing


Hisyam said...

It's alright. You can practise doing the vulcan sign. I'll structure an intensive course for you to work through ok?

Loving Life said...

haha. aku juga menangis first scene, sblum tajuk kuar. muvee yg best.

Unknown said...

eh x boleh buat? kesian..

alfina said...

eh, aku ni orangnya unik. jadi semuanya unik. jangan kesiankan aku ye mard.