Saturday, August 1

Sugar Rush

Last nyte, UMSA held a dessert night. It was so gorgeous. The food. The location. The people. The surrounding. It was superb. There were just so many cakes and cheeses and tarts to choose from. Everything is just delicious. The sweetness was non-stop. I had a blast. It was definitely worth it.


Cikgu Puaka said...

u look gorgeous bebeyh. n some decent photos u got here (at last hahaha)

alfina said...

heh? selama ni ngak decent kah?
thanks neway

Fatin Nordin said...

sedapnya meleleh liur

nice clutch!
and sweet as in that scarf hehe

alfina said...

sedap kan? its really worth it bcause its only ten dollar for buffet.

dah ajak acap. dia tamau p dia kata.

glamour skarf akak

lovemenot said...

clutch cantek!!

mOmO`e said...

shit im jelous. nk jugak cake..
nk gak tak kre tak kre!!
just being a very very cute brother..

alfina said...

haha. ye ye ami.
u wan it, u gotta study hard den.