Friday, December 4

All that I need

It's like stepping into my own mind. Only years younger. I can almost smell the sweet demure innocent girl that I was. I am still all that just with more maturity, I think.

That's what I think of my room.

My mom keeps it the way it was.

Looking at all the pictures that I hang on my walls, all turned a bit yellowish portraying the absence of the room's owners. All smiley and younger version of me. I got lotsa teddy around the room and when I saw them, I smiled. They look just the same. The books that I am so proud of owning, like Sweet Valley Jr High Collection, seemed a bit childish-like to keep on possessing.

I think to myself, I am going to need to re-invent my room to suit the me now.

Plus, there is no more space for the new wardrobe.

1 comment:

Hisyam said...

One of my favourite posts by you. Very sweet and sincere. Macam author nya jugak (takde agenda tersembunyik k puji2 ni)