Sunday, December 27

My nose is running

I think I'm going to be the cool aunt. Or is it I'm already a cool aunt?

I don't directly have nieces and nephews for real like from my brothers. But I have plenty from my cousins. (Orang kedah kata 'mak menakan pupu'). All my cousins from my mom's side is married and have kids. As for my elder brother, who knows?

Well, for me, I think, I'm going to be the aunt that the kids ask for opinions on matters like boys/girls, music or movies. The kind of aunt kids will discuss about their crush(es). The kind of aunt the kids gonna confide about holding hands with their lovers. The kids gonna entrust me with the secrets that their mom going to kill them for. The kind of aunt that brings the kids to let nyte outings and shows.

I will provide advice and best way to style the hair. Or the perfect colour for nails. The best band to listen to. The movies to avoid. The one who brings them to concerts or shows. The one that will introduce them to fancy foods and magazines. The one that will bring them places other than zoo and museum.

Yup, all that.

The first time I felt this is when I was hanging out with my nieces. We were just chilling in my room listening to Taylor Swift and gossiping about artist. Disney artist that is. The nieces are too young to know Jolie, Gardner, Pitt or Cruise. So we talked about Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire and Jonas Brothers. While complaining about the nagging grandmothers.

I feel young again. I guess I can still relate to them in that level. The feeling of constantly being nag to or being reminded to eat. Stuff like that.

Now, who wants me as their aunt? Or want me to be around for your kid?


Rum8 said...

i want! i want!

alfina said...

u need to hav kids first meh

Hisyam said...

"Or want me to be around for your kid?" kids are going to listen to November Rain as lullaby, and sing Rise Against and NOFX during road trips and learn to play Coheed songs during their pastime.


But yeah, you're still cool for an aunt.Good practice before you get real nieces and nephews, which is itself a good practice before you get your own little bunches of joy

alfina said...

im different while being a mom. I'll be the meanest mom around. haha