Saturday, December 26

Pale in comparison

I think I have put my life on hold.

I haven't changed the clock at my laptop to be Malaysian time or the Azan software to show Malaysian prayer time. Or the weather forecast widget.

I haven't unsubscribed emails from New Zealand's shop. I still know promotions happening in Dressmart or Warehouse. I still got notification about discounts from Kathhmandu and Portmans.

It's not like I don't have time to do all the stuff. I have time. I just don't want to be bothered by all these little stuffs. It's like I'm trying to hold on to something uncertain. It's like if I unsubscribed those stuff, my memories may be deleted. If I dare change the littlest things, I might forgotten the feeling of being a student living abroad.


Nigel J. W. Ong said...

hey dzeti. same as me here.

i still go around with my ASB card, i burbled out 'dollars" when i ordered keropok lekor, im still getting emails about promotions at smith and caughey and stuff.

pika pikah said...

aku pon sama. still ckp dollar bila beli stuff.slalu guna nzd to pay for stuff. still cant remember malaysian money. still browsing thru pacific blue n grab-a-set cuz dpt emails from them, as if im still in nz n i wanna travel sumwhere. Most of all I miss the feeling of being independent and doing e'thing for myself. I miss Auckland terribly... =(

alfina said...

glad that im not the only one.

the emails of promotion always get to me. Like discounts and stuff. Haiya.

Hisyam said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one. I still receive groove guide weekly reminders in my inbox, maxx announcements and my laptop clock is 5 hours in advance. Haha. Really like this post, precisely encapsulates everything I feel right now. High five