Friday, December 4

Here in my heart

I am safely in my cocoon now. Home sweet home.

Arrived safely last night. Saw my mom's sweet face first after scrunching my eyes. Yup, I'm that rabun and that lazy to reach for my spectacles. Only after a while I saw more familiar faces. Arif, Nana, Roja, Ejat and Jai ofkos. Then, we head to KMB to visit my brother who is preparing for exams.

Yes, my dad had prepared KFC for me earlier and I had my dinner again there (apparently, the MAS flight has feed us but I need more). Lovely surrounding and faces. Great chat and catch up.

I couldn't help myself and finally admits defeat and said to them, "PANAS AH!!" They just laughed and honour me the front seat of the car to be closer to the aircond. (Kesian kot dok tgk aku mengibas baju je).

Come set date with me so we can catch up.

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selamat pulang zeti