Wednesday, December 23

Yellow crawlers on the wall

Semalam balik kampung. Ke Kedah.
Hari ni mama ajak pergi Bukit Wang. Main air sungai. Oh bestnye~

Dalam perjalanan, singgah R&R nak solat. Then you realize you miss the small things when you are away. Like R&R. Like the facilities to pray throughout the journey if needed. Lovely~

Masa tunggu mama solat, ternampak cicak. Banyak. Then I realize, kat NZ takde cicak. I smiled to myself knowing that I miss those little creepy creature too. Rasanya ada 6,7 ekor cicak atas shilling hari tuh and they were happy. Playing around.

sigh, smallest things do make ones day.

1 comment:

Stray Kitty said...

omg! those creepy crawlees r d ones tht made me miss NZ d most! I hate em!!! eyew!!!