Thursday, December 8

It's the littlest thing.

I learned to appreciate small things as I grew older.

Like the other day me and my bff, Hani (I couldn't mention her real name for undisclosed reason) went to watch Ombak Rindu. The movie was ok.

Anyway, the girl (I'm guessing around my age) who sat beside me was watching the movie with the BF. You know the girl must have insist (read: force) the BF to watch the movie with her since her BF was so annoying to the point that I wished I could just throw him out. I didn't do that because it was just Ombak Rindu. If it was Breaking Dawn, I might just yell at him right there and then.

So, he was not so quiet, kept on complaining and laughing at the teary scene. He also put his foot up. He was sorta acting out to show that he was more than a man to watch that movie. Showed off his testosterone. So that people wont judge him for watching that kinda movie.

My point is I learned to appreciate HR more. He will never act out like that even though I forced him to various kinda girlie shows including 'John Tucker Must Die'. He will sit there with me either to watch or to sleep depending on the show but he will be there. Even as I gogugugagaover Jacob Black or Shamsul Yusof (Yes, I go gugugaga over Shamsul Yusoff).

He respects me enough to listen as I babble about the sequence of Twilight, I narrate the chick-lit books and explain the meaning of Yuna's songs. He will try and understand my craziness over some weird girls thing that he could never put a grasp on.

So, for the best boyfriend ever,

Happy Birthday, love!!!

You are the one for me.
This is to our hopes and dreams.


HRDD said...

Of course you picked a pic when I was slimmer. Got your message across!

Hehe. Thanks a million for the post. Love ya

Princessfad said...

awww, Dzeti!entry nie sangat sweeet ok!awwwx1000.can't wait for your good news. don't forget to invite me!envy pun ada gak!=P owh,happy birthday, Hisyam!

pika pikah said...

yes babe, when u found the one who will sat besides you in sicness, in helath, in good times or embarrasing one, hold on to that persona nd never let go.

On a sidenote, happy birthday Hisyam. May you two have wonderful times ahead. :)

Fatin Nordin said...

sweetest post ever to hisyam.
now next month is my bday, start drafting :p

Loving Life said...

love this post, sweet sgt. n happy birthday, hisyam. =)