Tuesday, December 13

wedding bellls

Me: What theme colour you want for the wedding?
HR: Blue.
Me: What blue? Baby blue? Tiffany blue? Sky blue? Turquoise blue?
HR: Ha? What? This blue. *referring to my blouse*
Me: This? Ok. Mine I want *blablablablabla*

HR: I think I want the Adil Blue not the BN Blue.
Me: If my mom heard that, it is the end of the world for you.
HR: Oh. Don't tell her that.

HR : I found it!
Me: What?
HR: It is called Cyan.
Me: What?
HR: The blue. It is called Cyan Blue or Biru Firus.

p/s: Just a quick reminder, this blog might be filled with wedding posts from now on.


Haaachumm Roarrrr said...

Masa majlis main lagu kumpulan Blue. Mari menonton bride muka monyok sepanjang masa.

felicia~ said...

keep them coming yo~~~ ;)

alfina said...

HR : oh em gee!
Felicia: Im happy for u too... Lets hear some of ur plan too

pika pikah said...

haha. had the same problem wit syafiq when I said I want white+blush for our wedding theme. ;D

Fatin Nordin said...

u said peach the other day.

but bravo to hisyam for looking up the name of the colour cyan. i salute!

Hai Ran said...

I've got an app for that, Ten ... Muahahaha (*runs away from Dzeti*)

~M i z a ~ said...

tahniah boss & HR!

farah, s. said...

congrats both of u. cant wait for ur upcoming wedding posts!