Wednesday, January 18

One of the many reasons you should be a teacher

So, yesterday I was talking about this gangsta-class rite. Just so you know, they are super active kids that can't really sit still for long but really like copying stuff on the board type. They also like to play pranks on each other. In the middle of the lesson.

This one kid was pranked by one of the classmates. I didn't noticed who because it was happening all so fast. Someone put chewing gum on the chair and he happily sat down and went on and on yapping in the classroom disturbing others.

Suddenly, when he stood up, his pants was all ruined because of the chewing gum earlier. He got the surprised of his life. I was prepared for the worst (in case he challenged whoever did that to him).

He did not.

Lucky me.

Instead, he was trying to get the gum off.


By standing in the middle of the classroom and peeling the gum off. AT HIS BUTT area.

I was like, "You may go to the toilet." But no, he stood there, shamelessly, peeling it off.

The best part came later.

After letting the kids went for their reccess, I was slowly keeping my stuff together before leaving the class. The kids like to hang out and chat with me. They even like to escort me to the staffroom.

As I was chatting aimlessly, I noticed the kid had the pants on the table. This time rubbing it off with water and peeling it off using scissors. I was in awed.

Yes, he did. He actually took off his pants. HE TOOK OFF HIS PANTS IN THE CLASSROOM.

So, he was cleaning the gum pants in his BLUE FLOWERY boxer shorts. Not that I want to know that much about him, but I did. And something that you have seen can never be unseen.

On the bright side, he managed to clean the pants.


Hidung Rongak said...

Haha what a fun class. They are so colourful (Ifyaknowwhadamean). I can tell he has potentials to be a future leader.

Loving Life said...

nice. one of my kids went in his pants. the big one. i was so wrong to think we'd be safe from all this kanak2 weirdness in secondary school.