Saturday, December 27

Christmas celebration

On the 22nd of December, John Hope, one of our lecturers held a mini-feast for us who are staying behind in Auckland. It was so delicious and super stomach filing. Plus, his son is so cute. Dont get me start about his house which I adore so so much. His garden at the back is connected to the Cornwall Park. How cool is that!

Sheryll took all of us to the Cornwall Park, which me, Min and Pkah didnt go because of yours truly attire is so not for trekking around the park.

They claimed that Sheryll tookthem to the highest peak of the park. Later, John went about the NZ's style of Christmas tradition . We played Christmas Cracker, which was fun. We wore crown and answered a few riddles. Oh, the best part of all, we ATE!!

the delicious salmon that Andrew smoked

the other yummy food

ahh ~ the dessert

"Merry Christmas"

from yours truly


farah, s. said...

waah interesting. couldnt wait till the end since i got a bruise on my knee. huhu T_T

alfina said...

to Farah: tetiba je farah n alif hilang. sedap tau salmon tersebut.

farah, s. said...

sedap krn dimasak oleh anak john? haha JK =p

Anonymous said...

damn you guys having fun!

Aku Iron Man said...

patut ke kau tayang gamba kau bersama pokok krismas?

kau tak sambut krismas kan?

alfina said...

farah = oh itu tepat. anak john yg lebih menyedapkan keadaan

iron man = tak patut ke tayang? malaysia pun melambak pokok tersebut. definisikan 'sambut' pls