Sunday, March 1

One for the crowd

I was just thinking as I cooked yesterday’s lunch, “What if I use Fish Curry Powder to cook Chicken curry? Or vice versa.” I mean, is that a big deal? Would it make much different? Kurang sedapkah rasanya?

Well, I wouldn’t know. Not that I have much money to spend on experimenting stuff like that. I mean, kalo tak sedap, bukan ke membazir segala ayam itu. Ah!

Anyway, I thought about this kinda stuff because, I actually forgot which one of the two bottles of curry powder is for chicken. I kinda put the powder in bottles without labeling them. And it has been a while since I cook.
Since I move to Volt and started to work, I rarely cook.

Oh, my lunch was so supersedap that Mas ate a lot. Pure satisfaction.


Unknown said...

tiada salahnya, aku suka jer masak campur2. then again, mungkin sebab aku kebuluran. ha ha

Fatin Nordin said...

tiada beza