Saturday, April 4

Alphabetical & Numerical Stories


“A” been telling everyone loudly that “A” did not like “B” kinda situation. Everyone knows where “A” stands about regarding “B” matter because “A” is very affirmed and serious about not liking “B” situation.

“A” just offered the opinion out loud, thinks it’s cool to have an opinion, especially when one can be bold and express it.

However, “A” did not do anything about it. Not a deym thing.

Not even the basic thing like understanding the real problem behind “B” condition and learn about dealing with it.

Is “A” a hypocrite?


“L” hate “P“. A lot.

“L” fake smiles whenever “P” is around. “L” even attempt to talk to “P” so no one will feel neglected. Regardless how “L” really dislike “P”.

For “L”, “P” is rather different than what “L” would call a friend.

“L” never mentioned this feeling to anyone inappropriate, especially not to “P” face. “L” never want to make a scene even when “L” and “P” are teamed together for a school project. Even when “L” prefer to be partnered with “S”.

Is “L” a hypocrite?


“Q” and “Z” was best friends. They used to share deepest secrets and loudest laugh.

One day, “Z” did something that “Q” decided was inappropriate and completely disregard “Q” feeling as best friends.

“Q” determined to not wanting to be friends anymore with “Z” .

After a while, “Z” caught “Q” doing the same act that “Q” classified as inappropriate. Over and over again.

Is “Q” a hypocrite?


“R” and “T” are lovers.

“T” had been in a relationship before where “T” ex-lover cheated. “T” felt so hurt and stupid until “T” met “R” who is charming.

Then, “T” cheated on “R”.

Is “T” a hypocrite?

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Fatin Nordin said...

u cud hv jz used fake names
i'm pning l8r i want to figure it out
but not today
u cud hv jz used fake names