Tuesday, April 21

Blogging can be so much fun

I always wonder why people (including me) always tend to blog as a way to procrastinate from doing assignments. I came up with few excuses.

  1. U want to write, yet you dont want to write about those theories that mean nothing to you. So, you write something about you to brag about to public.
  2. Usually, while doing assignment, you have your laptop and work somewhere cozy with internet connection. Oh with that so cozy place, how your mind tend to fly else where.
  3. Blogging is the way for simple escapism that need you not to move a budge, just continue on typing.
  4. Blogging can help raise your self esteem. How? When you are simply clueless about the assignment, you can reflect your life back and think something so good about it and write about it. Or complain about it.
  5. Writing can be so much fun when it is about yourself, your silliness or your greatness. Why write about some theorist that had died already?
  6. When you are working with someone (e.g: HR), you can pretend to look so super engross with your assignment writing while maintaining that serious face. Yet are doing some guilty pleasure. This is my favourite excuse of all time.


Hisyam said...

Good theories. Have you considered submitting these to some academic journals?

Fatin Nordin said...


Fatin Nordin said...

why do u say brag?
do ppl brag when they blog?
ok maybe some
or are you referring to that someone?

aediasri said...

salam zt lama tak dengar cerita

the person is dead, the ideas remain

Rasulullah is long gone, my dear