Tuesday, April 21

Guide me through unchartered waters Before we lose our way again Will you be my compass until forever? Until forever ends!?

Warning: This entry might seem to be portraying the-lovey-dovey-dzeti side of me. Dont continue reading if you dont like the-lovey-dovey-dzeti.

This is Tim Mcilrath.
HR's current idol. He still idolizes Claudio Sanchez.

If you don't know any of these men, it's okay. Don't be sad. It's not my kinda band either.

Tim Mcilrath is the singer / guitarist of the band Rise Against - remember the post I mentioned I went to Rise Against concert. Read here. He is the man!

So, one day while watching telly in my house, HR decided, he likes Tim Mcilrath's hair. I said, let's cut your hair like that. So, with a not-a-hair-cutting-scissors, we did it. This is no money back guarantee process.

The process of cutting his hair took about 2 hours. It can be longer (if you let HR continues whining) but I keep pushing him to be satisfied with the hair that I chopped. Afterall, got to go to Mint's place to celebrate Faliq's birthday. The process was messy with lots screaming from both party. Eh, I managed to pull a confident face through whole session.

Sama tak ngan Tim?

Close up.
(Abaikan gamba gadis gedixx itu)

Close up - solo version

Actually, I think the hair is not so much the same. Blame me, now I know what I can't be - a barber. Still, I think it's fair to say it is inspired by Tim's hair. Perhaps the inspiration can be traced back to the moment HR met him.

HR with Tim

Thank goodness he is not that fond of the second guitarist's hairdo.

which as you can see is non-existent.

Sneak peek of Claudio's hair - which HR will never ever pull off.

sexxay rite?

p/s: His hair was repaired by Faris few days after I cut it. Well, it was no money back guarantee.

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Hisyam said...

You'd get a favourable customer testimonial from me. Have you thought about ditching teaching line and go establish a saloon instead?

Fatin Nordin said...

ok this one i know the story
he went to the party with a hat on and dont wanna take it off kan kan?
the pics above was after or before it was repaired by faris?
but yeah hisyam looks more cool la i think
good job miss barber!

yantie said...

tak de la lovey dovey pun dzeti.
biase je.

Cikgu Puaka said...

i like the new hairdo! hisyam kacak dh! ehem2 abes la u zeti i nak dtg oklen ni abes la abes la

A Z R E E N said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FeLiciap7 said...

ooooooo... so that's the story behind hisyam's beckham mohawk... lol

Anonymous said...

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