Wednesday, April 29

Anak Mama yang Gagah

Got the L word from Yati last week. Went to her place at night for the sole purpose of that tv series. Oh yeah, I also want to check out her crib. Which is nicely decorated.

As I reached her place, she was kinda shocked seeing me alone. She kept repeating, "Gagah la Dzeti. Datang sorang je malam2". It's kinda funny that she used the word 'gagah'.

I kept saying, it's not a big deal. Our house is like a five minute journey. Volt - Princeton is not that far stretch. She was really amazed by my courage. Walking at night alone. Biking around Auckland to get to work. And some other stuff that I did alone.

Her remarks made me think.

Oh, I am a gagah woman. I do can live outrageously as I pleased. I am able to get around the city on my own term. Good for me.

One of my mother advices comes to mind. I think, she said it when one of my brothers was terribly ill and my father was still at work (note: this happened in the middle of the night). She droves us to a 24 hour clinic. (I am my mother's sidekick. I will always follow her). She keep saying, learn how to drive. So that if I ever face an emergency and no one's around (referring to my workaholic future husband), I can attend to the matter myself. Just like this one, your son need medical help and your husband is at work.

I can say, I am proud of who I have become with my mother's blessings. I am a good driver who sometime has misfortunes like side parking, small space to park or red light at the edge of a high cliff.

Oh, Mother's Day will come soon. What surprise shall I do this time?


Fatin Nordin said...

ya kamu gagah
no need the runaway project what haha

aediasri said...

damn side parking!

aediasri said...

damn side parking!