Monday, April 6

Guitar Hero and Water Pistol Fight

Easter Break is finally here. I have been dreading for cheap but fun activities to do for weeks. I have been scratching my head for places to go to have escapism.

I kick started my holiday with a 'makan-makan' at Mint's and Pkah's place on Friday evening. It was supposed to be a meal then a session of studying, maybe some entertainment. It turned out to be a huge feast and a great laugh enjoying Guitar Hero. Some of the boys showed their skills in becoming rock stars.

Saturday, me and HR declared it to be project day. We made hand print project. It was rather hilarious. Then, HR got to his assignment that was due on Monday. I continued my second project of crafting my own laptop tote bag. Until I got tired. Then, HR cooked me a superb meal.

Sunday was even more great. We (me and other friends) went to Western Spring to enjoy water pistol fight. It was a fun day. Running around with water pistol and just shoot at people. HR said, "It was a perfect excuse to bully small kids without them crying." We were wet. I was bathed twice by the man carrying th bucket. I was shot all the time by more extravaganza machinery making me even more wet.

Later on, we hopped on the bus, all wet and hungry to my sacred beach. There, we continued bathing in the sea. Ate food that I prepared earlier. Chit-chatted. Swan summore. It was a perfect day.

At night, we went Karaoke. We sang our heart out. We fooled around summore.

I was supposed to be so tired. Then again, today I woke up at 7am. How early! Deym.

Cant wait for more activities to come.

Been so long since I drive great journey.

p/s: Pictures are with HR. He took my camera.