Monday, April 20

~Life oh life ~

Been wanting to go to Yati's place to copy the L Word, apparently a cool tv series, for quite sometime. I thought I could actually finish enjoying one whole season during the Easter break (which just ended). Oh, she got all five seasons. Syiok la~

I fast today. Weehee. Have to check how many days left to ganti puasa. Oh, so great dumpling to break fast just now.

Reviewing my Easter break, I conclude that it was fulfilling. I am able to scratch some items in my wish list. Oh, no so much money spend. Good job Dzeti.

Chopped off my hair. It's shorter than ever. Still need time to get used to wearing scarf with new hair style. Oh!! I helped cut HR's hair. He is bringing sexxay back. I'll brag about my skill later (in one whole bragging post.)

Need to finish some of my Easter project.

p/s: am loving the new hair.


Hisyam said...
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Anonymous said...

bring it on Posh..ur hair..