Saturday, August 1


I miss the time when my biggest problem was choosing between playing galah panjang or 'zero point'. Those were the days when I could roam free playing without any worries in the world. Those times my troubles revolved around whether I should stick with strawberry-flavoured ice cream or try chocolate instead. Now, there are calories to think about before choosing any ice cream. Also I need to think about the price, the worthiness of every penny I pay.

I miss the time when my biggest fear was to find my missing favorite doll which I forgot where I last played it with. Whether the doll should be wearing party costumes or swimming gear. Those times when you could freely talk to dolls without people thinking that you are crazy.

I miss the time where I could go carefree around my hometown without worrying what people said about me. No worries of people judging you. No eyes staring at you and anticipating my next mistakes.

I miss the time when money was not an issue. When I had nothing to worry about. When I didn't have to think how my next move going to affect me later.

I miss my childhood moment.

I miss it.

Daddy is coming this November. Yeeehaa!!


Cikgu Puaka said...

eh jadi dtg onkel dash?

i miss my childhood too

alfina said...

jadi okeh!

Cikgu Puaka said...
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mOmO`e said...

the problems about adult is when the were a kid, the world is their playgrounds. But, as they grow up, they forget that along the way. The childhood is there never to be miss, just keep remembering the world is our playground forever and ever. Then we will be young at heart...