Tuesday, December 8

yea yeah

This is HR.

He is wearing one of the t-shirts I made for him. It's his band name. He loves it. Only after a while he said to me, "Mana ada ahli band pakai t-shirt band sendiri." I never thought about that fact.

To the man ...

who would carry all the heavy stuff for me
who would listen when I keep on ranting
who would be patient when I am out of my mind
who entertain my childish demand
who helps me cook even when it feels to girlish
who loves different music than I do
who cares for his guitar more than he cares for his gf
who makes lovely symphony for me
who eats like there will be no tomorrow
who thinks only within the moment
who loves to get adrenaline rush yet closing his squinty eyes
who likes to ramble on about fun facts of his musical stuff
who is MY MAN!!

Happy Birthday sayang.

Hisyam Rock

p/s: If u ever call me kakak, I wont give you your present.


mermed Z... said...

happy birthday!! hisham xbalik lagi ke T?

pika pikah said...

eleh...ckp entry aku jiwang. dia pon sama aja.... hahaha...

aku taw apa sebab. mst rindu nih. haha. dekat tp jauh, jauh tp dekat.

aku dh merepek tah apa2. hepi besday HR.

Rum8 said...

hahahahaha....Happy birthday sayang kakak! hahahaha
ZTZT hahahaha

Man who eats like there's No World For Tomorrow (fun fact: tajuk album Coheed) said...

A million thanks for the lovely post, watermelon. Mekasih, adik! (Now where's my present?)

alfina said...

U think u gonna get ur pressie like that? come and claim it la my dear..

lovemenot said...


but atceli..aku jeles :(