Friday, October 7

The Cat Burglar

I don't actually particularly like cats. It i s more like I have no feeling towards cats. I mean they are cute and all. But as long as they are being cute elsewhere and being care of by others, I am fine with it.

I mean I don't go and suddenly sepak kucing out of nowhere. But disturbing and invading my freedom to sidai baju outside my own house, I hate it. Stop harassing my legs and let me sidai baju in peace. I had to kais the kucing from my leg. But when the cat didnt get the message I was forced to sepak it. I don't like myself when I did that. But I had to.

The cat forced me to enter my own house in speed of light to avoid it coming in the house - I freaking hate you. Now, invading my own freedom in my own room. Damn you. I can't open my window freely; in case the cat jumps into our house.

I might actually run over the cat one day.

I am not particularly a violent person.

I stress that I have indifferent feeling towards cats. But making me live in fear, I might just do it.

This is not the first time the cat has troubled me.

It actually left something inside our house before. It almost made us puke. It is worse than a simple tahi kucing.


farah, s. said...

i know how you feel. -_-'

alfina said...

rite? rite?


Syaza said...

that 'thing' was really SOMETHING! ~_~