Monday, October 3

Splurge Like a Girl

Before I got my first paycheck (which I only received after 5 months of working), I have been saying to myself, I want to buy something (A THING) that signifies my very own first pay check. Something major.

So, I said to myself, get jewellery. Gold is always good. A simple ring or a cute bracelet.

In the end, I ended up with a Blackberry. Instead of peer pressure, it's family pressure. But I love my purchase.

But, I still linger on the jewellery.

And I bought it. Self-satisfaction.


Yes, I know you cant really see it. It is meant to be that way. Self-satisfaction, remember. Just know, that it truly bling.

1 comment:

Stray Kitty said...

I second u! Luv d bbbbling! N yeah ucantwaitforamantobuyubling... I bought a samsung tab n collection of new handbags n baju kurungs which reminds me of my ugly habbit back in auck. Miss u makcik