Thursday, October 27

Yes, I borrowed the book entitled Manisnya Cinta

First of all, let me start off by saying I am a patriotic person. And I love my country.

So, I was very happy when I realized that there's a Pustaka Komuniti at JJ near my house. It is a some sort of mini library by Perpustakaan Negara. Oh, I love to read. A lot.

As I checked out the library, I thought to myself, the collection of English novels are quiet awesome. Not to mention the great amount of quantity. So I thought that I am lucky to have this book heaven near my house which has decent parking spaces.

That day, I decided to become a member. And straightaway borrowed some books to bring back to Gua Musang. I had chosen a few titles. Apparently, at that time, the system is down so I was unable to join the membership. I was disappointed. I put back the books.

So, the next weekend that I returned to KL, I went back there to check the membership form that I had manually fill. You know how excited I was? I arrived at 9.30a.m only to realize that it opened at 10.00a.m (well, that is after waiting for thirty minutes or so). But, since I am now on official member, I borrowed a few books.

Weeks later, upon returning the book, I spent my time, choosing books. There was not so many titles that I like anymore but I patiently browsed and browsed. After almost half an hour of carefully selecting and putting the book down at the counter, I was told the system was down. I could not borrow them.

Oh I was pissed.

I just put the books down there and left. I could not contain my anger. That auntie who was so busy yapping about on the phone might just get a mouthful from me.

Come on la~ You saw me tertonggeng-tonggeng looking for books, have la the courtesy to tell me the system was down. It was just a waste of time and energy. Not to mention, the fact that 2 out of 3 times I was there, the system was down.

So much for being lucky.

Maybe they should just opt for borrowing manually.

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Hoodrat Repellant said...

Dah la librarian makcik tu yap-yapping in the library. Grrrrr