Tuesday, October 18

You don't realize how much you miss him...

.... until you see him looking that awesome in a video in someone else's blog.

Few weeks back

HR: Eh, they cancelled the tuition la.
Me: Gosh, dah sampai tempat tusyen baru nak cakap. Hampeh je. So what are you up to?
HR: Ajak Dyau dinner la.
Me: Dyau, Dyau, Dyau! Asyik-asyik Dyau~
HR: Eh, mana ade la. Dah dua minggu tau tak jumpa dia.
Me: Ces, boleh plak ingat berapa lama tak jumpa.

Last nite

Me: You think I am being silly writing that my mind is wise in the last entry?
HR: No. You are wise.
Me: Am not. I think it's too over the top.
HR: No.. No lah.. You are wise. That's why you choose me.

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