Monday, October 31

Who needs sleep when you can watch movies instead?

I watched a bunch of movies yesterday.Four movies, to be exact. This is me catching up on the movie fiasco.

So, the best one is Horrible Bosses. It is HR kinda movie. Smart jokes and wittinness. Directed by one of his favourite guys, Seth Rogen. The movie is awsome. Well, the company too.

Water for Elephant is a snooze. Typical love story. Maybe the setting is different,circus. It is mainly about a boy loves a girl he can't have but the boy gets the girl anyway.

Sucker Punch sucks.

Re-watch Killers because Saqinah hasn't watch it yet. I like drooling over Ashton Kutcher, all over again. Who wouldn't want Ashton as her guy?

Today is superheroes day. I got Green Lantern and Captain America line up. Yes, I haven't watch those movies.


felicia~ said...

and i am sooo curi-ing your movies :P

Horrible Roasters said...

One directed by Seth Rogen another one starred by Seth Rogen? Don't steal my man.

Horrible Roasters said...

Ohhhh Green Lantern, ingatkan Green Arrow. Xpela kira sama la tu Ryan Reynolds or Seth Rogen. Sama hot.

pika pikah said...

Sucker punch was a big sucker. I don't know whats the point of the plot. Seems to me its a movie for hentais who love watching schoolgirls in costumes, and do slick ninja moves. a waste of my almost 2 hours.

Green Lantern, Green Hornet, Captain America, Transformers. Some of the movies I want to watch but haven't got the time. So sad.

alfina said...

Pikah: busy beee.

HR: I dont know if u r being smart or funny. it is Green Hornet. Not Green Lantern, not Green Arrow.

Fel: Pay me some money woman!