Thursday, November 20

cuci gamba

when i said i decorated my room earlier, one of the ways is by putting up picture collage. while i was putting it up last night, i realized, i have more pictures of my friends than my family. this is usually not a problem. i mean, i dont really care. i do love my family, regardless of less photos. among all this photos, mostly is yours truly and HR. that is not a good thing since my family is coming to town. i decided that night i need to develop more pictures to balance the collage. my mom will fuss over stuff like that. more HR than her. more friends than family. so i selected 'appropriate' pictures among the pictures that i love. and it cost me $6.09.
and i am a happy daughter.
i hope my mom will be to when she sees it.


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hijrah said...

i know this is random and all but... I MISS YOU BOSS. ;__;