Wednesday, November 26

Spending Expenditure

Earlier this morning, I had an argument with HR. nothing new there. we are always quarreling. or u can just say, I am always mad or screaming at him.
As a result of that, I cancel the surprise parcel that I want to deliver to him. Also cancel the boquet of flowers for his coming 21st birthday. (Jimat duit aku.)
Apart from that, I went to Victoria Market to dine out and spend money on myself. Bought jeweleries and souvenir. Then, took a bus. Tour around Auckland for almost an hour and only to stop at Queen St where I bought a set of Monopoly board game, shirts and beach mat.
Oh, how I spent when I am pissed.



Fatin Nordin said...

zt jahat
tp monopoly ak stju yeahhh

alfina said...

padan muke die.
monopoly mmg best

mardotti zaaba said...

ap? ko cancel? zeti... susah payah aku brainstorm ngn ko... alalalalalala.. alaaaaaaaaaaaa

alfina said...

aku hargai jasamu. tapi amarah ku tidak terkawal.