Thursday, November 20

my hibernation hole

since my two housemates are always out 'mencari rezeki', im kinda stuck at home. alone. so i decided to decorate my hole. my very own hibernation hole. which is of course my room. i have decorated it pleasantly. wit pictures. an colours. i place my important necesseties nearby so i that i dont have to move much from my bed. my bed is very comfy with five pillows and two soft toys. cheerful warmth duvet. laptop full with movies. books that i love on one side. my handphone that receives the world news. my food pile. my plain water. my drawer that is full with lotion and baby powder. my desk lamp that do not require me to move to switch it on. the door that i can use my very own leg to close it. the internet is functioning with hassle-free. i do not need to crawl out from my hole if i dont want to.

its fun here in my hole.
my hibernation hole.



mardotti zaaba said...

i like the food pile part

Unknown said...

oi, sungguh gaya hidup sehat ko kan. hehehehe

Loving Life said...

haha.. come visit my hole one of these days..