Friday, November 14


after the exam, i got all the time in the world. to do anything i want. oh, i just dont have all money in the world. especially now that i am not working anymore.

with all the time that i have, i cant stop my mind from thinking. and when i think, i scanned my life, i scrutinize every inch of my wish and my fear. sometimes, with my thought i started to hate everybody. i started to feel like i am a victim. i tend to blame everyone else.

there are also stuff that i know i shouldn't do but i still do it. i couldn't stop myself from doing it. maybe i can, maybe i just dont want to.

im crapping.



hijrah said...

eh. but when you're blabbing that you find interesting things about yourself. sometimes, the unconscious spots more than the conscious part.

meta-cognition. self-evaluation. wah. sgt psychology kamu.

Unknown said...

hahaha. babe! apsal sgt mendalam ko punya reflection ni. :)