Friday, November 14

things i do for him

I don’t know why I chose that path at that time of the day. Nah, who do I wanna bluff? I know the reason clearly. I wanna meet him. Nope, not to say hi, I just wanna see him. Glance at him.
I know that is his route to go to work. And I know he’ll be walking there at that time of the day. And I waited. With my big sunglasses on my nose. Disguised in my green shirt in the bush.
And, I see him.
And, I am officially a stalker.
Of course he did not notice me. Duh~



hijrah said...

boss...siapakah?? dan mengapa dalam bush.

Anonymous said...

bahaye tue..
tp menarik2..
sape weh?
ntah2 ko stalking hisyam je kan... duh..