Wednesday, November 26

What ever happen to Dawson's Creek's hero?

One of HR's gifts for me on my 21st birthday was Dawson's Creek DVD box set of the two earlier seasons. I watched it non-top with Ain and we fell in love with Joshua Jackson playing Pacey's character. He is the bad boy but romantic inside and protective towrds girlfreind.

The series is one of the pioneer of tv series about loveydovey and teen's stuff. Kalo tgk nowadays, mmg lame gile la.

Oh, I always wonder whatever happen to the main character of the series., w know where Katie Holmes is, so what happen to James Van Der Beek who played Dawson in Dawson's Creek.

So, within these two days, he muncul in my laptop twice. Once, smalam when I was watching How I Met Your Mother S2 as RObin's ex-crush. And today, in One Tree Hill S6 as screenwriter utk filem Lucas Scott.

Now I know where he is.

He is still not handsome to me.


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