Sunday, October 9

All I Can

Do you know how easily I can cry?


There is one time when I was so hungry that I didn't know what to do. I had no food. I had some sources to buy food but I was too tired and too lazy. So I cried. Silly.


In my form 5 class when I was teaching the poem, 'In the midst of hardship'. I was reading the poem with feeling and explaining to them line by line. I was so touched by the strength that my tears dropped. I had to look away to ensure none of the kids saw me.


Invigilating PMR. There's a few kids that I was sure so poor that they could not afford pens or pencils. They brought it but you can see that it's too short or too used. Or maybe they did forget about it but they looked so poor that I was sure, they could not afford it. One kid in particular did not have an eraser. At first, I wasn't to sure if he had it or not. But after a while I saw a few dirty spots on the OMR paper like he tried to rub it with merely his fingers. I am all tears weyh.

Another story.

You know how it is the rainy season especially here in Kelantan. You know how GM is so huge with so many empty spaces but not so many schools. So, I saw a kid was riding a motorcycle in a heavy rain to get home after PMR. There's no shelter if he needed to stop so he continued on. He was so wet and I didn't think that he can barely see much in the rain. Even, me driving in the car was struggle. I can't help him. So, I cried. Wishing he can get home safely and he will not get a fever so that he can continue to take his PMR.


felicia~ said...

awwww.....din know u were so sentimental..
now im touched... *tears and blows nose*

alfina said...

Sad rite?

Her Rock said...

Even the weather cries with you

Syaza said...

esk bwk la pencil dgn eraser lebih, boleh sedekah..sian wei..