Saturday, October 8

I know you miss me

Today is a productive day for me.

I managed to clean all my dirty clothes in the hamper. I never had such a huge pile up of dirty clothes. I prefer to wash daily than weekly. However, invigilating PMR really made me tired me. Woke up so early in the morning and returned only after Asar. It's a 40 minutes drive with all kinds of lorries and huge cars. I did not have the time in my hand. It's only between sleeping, eating and resting.

I finished tuition for my 4S1. I mean, I just took over the class. I felt that these bunch of happy people should get extra attention. With me being away for almost two weeks (due to the PMR) and the exam starting on the 11th October, I was worried. Now I am worry-free. I hope they can get the marks they deserve after two days of tutoring them.

I had a breakfast outside with Saqinah. Which was awesome. I never really eat out in the morning. Usually, because I woke up late on the weekends. But there's also this excuse that we are not really sure of which kedai serve good breakfast.

We hang out at the sungai near our house. So near that we can actually walk. But of course we didn't. I got to rendam my feet while Syaz tried her new polaroid camera. Next, we managed to locate the supposed to be famouse eating spot in Gua Madu (after so many phone calls and u-turn). Overall, the food was okay. But the scenery was awesome.

Mostly, I managed to eat a lot.

Next on my agenda is to fill the claim form for PMR, cabut rumput and sweep and mop the room/house.

Oh, man! It's raining. The rumput has to wait, again~


Stray Kitty said...

Omg! Ur goin to cabut rumput dzeti?? Which rumput r u going to cabut?

alfina said...

The rumput in front and the back of my house.

it is freeeaking long. and memalukan becoz the house being the anak dara house and all..

plus its a small town. kecoh satu pekan if rumah teacher2 tu berumput pjg. plus, it had been three months since anyone ever touch the rumput .. hehehe..

Syaza said...

macam ayat irg jwb periksa. bagus2!

Happy Rusty said...

Cikgu Alfina _________ rumput di hadapan rumahnya walaupun hujan.
A. menebang
B. menyiang
C. menebas
D. mencabut