Sunday, October 26

gone has my days

im thinking hard to write something meaningful here. you know, after a while not writing blog, i deserve to write meaningful stuff that makes people ponder about it. damn~ my mind gone blank.
so, ill update you with my hectic life so far.

last nite we held a diva party and it was a blast.
last nite acap returned my laptop fully functioning.

yesterday went to view two houses
yesterday went to eat a delicious food

the day before submitted my Phono's assignment
the day before held meeting for presentation

before that, i forgot.

but it was a hectic week.

this following week supposed to be a study week. I am supposed to relax first because my exam is on the 3rd week.

not for me. i got another assignment to submit. another presentation to do. another party to held and ensure it to be a great success.


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