Thursday, October 16

updating today

Today is Thursday. I dont have class on Thursday. Thursday is my hibernation day.
I have a lot of assignments. I also have uncountable lots of laziness.

Today, I send my precious thing to the repair shop. I mean HR send it. I supervise him through the phone. My precious thing is so screwed up even Intan cannot help me. That repairing will cost me money. It is beyond help and of course it will cost me money beyondly.

Hijrah lend me her VAIO. I am so super cautious using it. Scary meh~ New expensive laptop. I am thankful for it though. Apparently is my HD, so any attempts to do assignments are not taken.

Today, I involunatarily clean out HR's closest. Then, he belanja me SUSHI. I loike~

Today, I think I am gonna cook Tom Yam.


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hijrah said...

ala, boss..takyah la super cautious pun. nanti laptop tu jadik ngade2. hahahah!