Friday, October 31

wanna do soul searching

Since the painful incident, HR keeps asking me questions about hukum-hakam agama.
There are some questions that I can answer brilliantly. There are some that makes me ponder for a while. Others, I don't know the answer at all.
Then I thought, I am so unaware.

Sometimes, he also asks about afterlife. I realized my answers are clouded with the English movies that I've watched. Most of the time, I am never sure with my answers and just say, maybe.

I feel like I'm in need of change and soul searching~



Anonymous said...

jgn risau zeti. suma tu mmg dah ad dlm kau. cuma tinggal gali dlm2 saja lg. aku pon rasa aku perlu carik jiwa aku smula. salam takziah utk hisyam weh.aku xsempat lg nak ckp kat dia

mardotti zaaba said...

zeti alfina aku rindu ko. bye